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My list of goals for 2017

When you get down to thinking about the things you want to achieve there are so many ideas that come to mind and it’s so easy to want to consider doing them all. The problem with this is that you will become overwhelmed very quickly with the sheer amount that you will either not know which one to start or not start at all. The trick is to break down and choose only the most important goals that will get

Goal setting using RAM (Realistic, Achievable and Measurable).

RAM goal setting technique explains how to break down your goal setting in to three separate components and make them more realistic, achievable and measurable.   Realistic Goals need to have meaning to them rather than wishful wants. A realistic goal / should have an association with your lifestyle and not just a fantasy. For example, the current Honda Civic you own and have had for the last 10 years isn’t big enough to accommodate your growing family. Now with