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Best headphones for running

Headphones come in two typical types, in ear headphones or over the ear headphones. In ear headphones also known as ear buds have an inborn ability for falling out while exercising, irrespective of how far people try to pack them into their ear canals. While the more comfortable, fake-leather, over the ears headphones may be cool perched on your head while at your desk, or walking, but they do not always cut it for runners due to their larger size

Running tips for beginners.

People take up running for various reasons such as to raise funds for charity, to get fit, to compete in a race or just for pure leisure. For everyone at some point, it will be their first time running so its perhaps prudent to think that they should seek some basic advice before they start to pound the pavement. Like any physical activity, you want to get the best out of your session and to get the best out of

Multiplex 60 Minute Core Strength Exercises #1

Core strength exercises are perhaps one of the most beneficial workouts you can do to develop a strong midrift and torso. Since everything you do in life primarily eminates from the center of the body, it makes sense to ensure your central core area can absorb what life throws at you or what you throw at your core. What does life throw at you. Everyones life is different and we all do different things in work, play and recreation. However

Multiplex 60 Minute Upper Body Workout #1

This upper body workout also incorporates some abs and core work as well which provides your upper body muscles a rest between sets. This is not intended to be a heavy resistance workout but somewhere in between high energy workout and medium resistance. So choose weight that will allow you to do the entire reps set (not too heavy). Multiplex 60 Minute Upper Body Workout Plan #1 Warm UP 3 Sets Punch Up/Punch Out Star Jumps 20 seconds Switch Upper