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10K Training Road Race. Training Day 5

Today I made the unusual decision to do my 10K training run at 5pm instead of the usual 10am or 11am time slot due to two reasons. One I woke up late in the morning because I took the family out the evening before and two, because it was raining…hard! It so happened that I was slowly feeling guilty as the time approached 5pm so much so that I could not live with myself any longer and didn’t even have

10K Road Race. Training Day 5

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining and the conditions are almost perfect for a training run. Since last weeks training run I have found an alternative 10K route which takes me through some local green belt and is virtually flat compared to the bridge I used to have to run over and busy road juctions I had to negotiate before. Today I have decided to give myself a run target of 50 minutes to complete the 10K

Adjustable dumbbell

When space at your home is at a premium and the gym isn’t for you but you are keen to use some weight in your workouts to build muscle mass and strengh, then the adjustable dumbbell maybe just what you are looking for. Small, compact, flexible and easy to use, these dumbbells are a good investment for anyone choosing to use them for heavy or light use without the need for long heavy set up and put away times. The

P90X Equipment

Complimentary to the actual P90X DVD set, there are number of pieces of equipment which are used throughout the P90X program which can add further benefits to your workout. A word of note that not all of these items are technically equipment but all the same they are intended to equip “YOU” with options and variety to better improve your fitness levels. The Pull Up Bar. This bar allows you to execute one of the toughest and most beneficial exercises

P90X Review

P90X is perhaps one of the most popular and without doubt extreme workout programs around. It has been around 10 years but that does not detract from the benefits it can offer you if you get right in to it. For those who don’t like the thought of working out too hard this program is not for you. It is however right for you if you are looking for a real challenge. Beginners will find this program very tough. Saying

Eating Habit

Let’s face it, most people want 6 pack abs but most don’t do it because they don’t want to put up with trying to starve themselves or end up eating a strict diet of just lettuce. To be brutally honest with you most of us don’t want to end up eating a diet composed primarily of greens, fruits and nuts for the rest of their lifes just for a set of six pack abs. The actual idea that the only

Abs Workout.

If done properly abdominal crunches do work. They can strengthen and tone muscles in the abdominal area. There are a wide variety of different types of abs workouts with crunches being one of them. All crunches work the rectus abdominus which is a big long muscle. When it is worked properly the muscles become larger which creates what is called a six pack. Side crunches work the external and internal oblique muscles. The external muscles are located on the sides

10K Road Race. Training Day 4

Missed last Sunday’s run due to my childrens soccer end of season tounanment which extended over two days. Since I am also the coach for my kids team, I was so busy that I was unable to even think about running last weekend. Now that’s all over, I managed to get on with with my running routine today (16th March 2014). Weather is Rain! The run started off very well and I was wearing new running shoes. The intial few


It is possible for anyone to display six pack abs. The trouble is being lean enough to see them. Leanness requires consistent physical activity which is commonly achieved through the process of cardio exercices. The myth of spot reduction when it comes to fat loss, especially in the abdominal region has distorted our concept of leanness and fitness. Some people that appear fit have a high fat percentage. Some people that are stout looking can really be quite lean. Everyone


If you ask almost any person what their goals or New Year’s resolutions are it almost always includes getting healthier or to workout. One of the most popular exercise programs is an abdominal workout and this is because it is probably one of the best ways to lose the unwanted belly fat and get the stomach that most people dream of. The problem is that this kind of workout can take time to produce results and having the willpower to

The 4 essential components to get 6 pack abs.

Willpower, Cardio, Abs Workouts and Eating Habits are the four essential components which contribute to getting you 6 pack abs. Willpower being the most elusive and intangible of the four is ultimately a mental objective or goal and probably the more troublesome to maintain. Willpower is primarily about maintenance rather than attainment. Anyone can attain willpower to do something as all you need do is start whatever it is you are seeking to do. Once you have started on the

Decision Making

This article is a short fun article on the process of decision making. Although this process is just as applicable to any area of decison making, it has been tailered around choosing a workout plan since this is a web site about fitness. 1. Boredom or dissatisfaction. One would encounter this from either of two avenues. Firstly, you might not be working out at all and have a desire to start getting fit and healthy. The second avenue is someone

Crash Diet

The word diet connotes restrictions, going hungry and giving up tasty food. However, the definition of the word diet means the food you eat. To maintain a healthy body weight, you need to eat a balanced diet that includes protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. A diet low in fat is ideal, but having a diet free from fat is not healthy. About 30% of your body’s calories should come from fat. The same can be said for protein

Home Workouts

When considering fitness and working out, two distinct options are available to you.  You can either go to the gym (private or public) or you can workout at home. If you have ever been a member of a gym or dropped-in to a gym, you will agree that it is fine and fun in the beginning because the facility is new, the people are fresh and there are lots of classes and programs to join…it has novalty factor. Not only

Which workout plan!

Marketing statements such as get ripped in 4 weeks, abs in days, get a chiseled 6 pack in 60 days are possibly achievable but depends on variables such as how much existing fat you have around your belly (your starting body fat index) your motivation levels when you start and generally your ability to perform and keep up with a workout plan without giving up part way through. Once you have achieved your personal goals and are happy with the

Rev Abs Review

Rev Abs is a workout that has for sometime been marinally below the radar for most people. When looking for high temp fat burning exercises we quite often look at programs such as P90X or Insanity or on the other hand we notice them more because the producers market them to us better. Nevertheless, choice and selection is what matters in most things in life and home workout DVDs are no different. So, without further ado lets take a look

How To Get 6 Pack Abs.

Obtaining fast 6 pack abs is a myth and generally unrealistic for most of us. Ok, the word fast is a relative term and what may be fast for some, is slow for others. But at a general level, let’s say three weeks would be an average time line for what most of us would say is fast for obtaining visible abs. With that said, the three reasons below weaken the three week fast abs concept. First; when we hear

The Pit Workout Review

The pit is a collection of exercises that are divided into three categories. These include upper body workouts which strengthen cardiovascular muscles, a set of lower body workouts for stability and a third set that entail full body workouts. The workout program suits people of all social classes owing to its affordability. The program is closely associated with mix martial arts training techniques. People who enjoy judo, karate and boxing training methods may as well find the fitness program highly

10K Road Race. Training Day 3

Woke up early for some reason with a clear head, so I thought I would do an early run on a Sunday morning. Upon peering through the window blinds I saw that it has been snowing overnight again. Remembering the lessons learnt from last week about preparation, I made sure that my shoe laces were tight, head phone cables were weaved through the jacket and the volume on my music player was set to near maximum. Sure enough the roads

Billy Blanks Tae Bo Review

Bill Blanks and his legendary fitness system called Tae Bo has been around since the 90’s and he is probably one of the first, if not the first person to amalgamate martial arts techniques, cardio and music to form a magnetic and enjoyable workout system. Over the years Billy Blanks has been prolific in pumping out numerous workout programs all individually packaged and aimed at full body workouts. The Tae Bo system is slightly different to the modern day P90X