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10K Road Race (Training day 2)

First, I must confess that I did not manage to get a run in last weekend due to personal issues so it’s been 14 days since my last training run. In some ways this has been a good thing mentally as it has really motivated me to want to prove something to myself today. Today’s weather is 1 degree Celsius with snow and sleet falling which made some of the run quite slippery. Before I even put on my running

Outdoor Workouts

A free and somewhat overlooked way of working out is by making use of the great outdoors. We all have unlimited free access to the outdoors and it doesn’t matter if you live in the city, suburb or country, there are many natural and manmade features which you can utilize to get in shape without spending a penny. Explained below are a selection of free outdoor workouts. Running. Plan a route where you can jog to one or more of

GSP Rushfit Review

Unlike many other fitness gurus, GSP is a personality who is recognised for using his fitness skills in his day job. Many fitness gurus get fit and teach fitness, but GSP gets fit in order to fight better. Most of us know who this guy is even if you do not follow MMA and we all recognise that he did not get in shape without a serious workout plan. So let’s look at what GSP Rushfit has to offer and

UFC Fit Review

The UFC Fit DVD set is yet another set of cleverly developed workouts that guides you through techniques which are followed by the best UFC athletes themselves. The DVD set will certainly assist you gaining strength, lose weight, boost your energy and develop fighting skills which are second to none. If body and mind to it a stay with the program, you will see remarkable results within 12 weeks. The front man for this workout program is Mike Dolce who

Turbo Fire Review

If you are in search of a great and exciting way to burn calories and lose some weight while acquiring great new muscles, look no further because Turbo Fire by Chalene Johnson is the best bet. Turbo Fire is an intense 90 day cardio conditioning program that will help you burn up to nine times more calories and fat than the regular cardio. A quick look at the many Turbo Fire reviews shows that with this program, anyone can become

Tapout XT Review

Are you looking for a workout program that tones your abs, tunes your muscles and makes you fit using a series of high intensity workouts? Think Tapout XT. It’s a program designed for people who really want to take fitness to a higher level and want to undergo a seriously bad ass workout. You see, this is not your usual fitness program that makes you work hard with feeble results. You’re not going to waste money on this program as

Les Mills Combat Review

Bored of the old workout routine in the gym that doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere with respect to the results that you seek? Had enough of the endless 30 minute sessions on the treadmill which have still not got rid of those ugly, flabby love handles that you despise with passion? Les Mills Combat DVD Workout is anything but boring. Read on for more on this amazing workout. Overview From the company Beachbody, that brought to the market

How Long Does It Take To Get Abs

A very common question asked by anyone interested in improving their body is how long does it take to get abs? This, in fact is the silver bullet question and very difficult to answer with any real conviction. The reason this is tricky to answer is because we are all built differently, we all lead lives which are mostly different to one another, we all have different recreational habits, do different types of work and have different genes and metabolisms

Shaun T – Insanity Workout Review

Having even the slightest interest in fitness, keep fit and health you will agree that the word insanity has become synonymous with the home workout routine hosted by Shaun T. Because of its popularity, there are plenty of Insanity reviews online promoting it as one of the best workouts at home. Like many other workout routines, Insanity also promotes that results can be achieved relatively quickly and in this case it’s a years’ worth of results in 60 days (with